Sable Black Regency Style Couch

by Jana on 04/09/17

New item has been added to our rental inventory.  Please see, "Sable", she is a Regency style couch that is ready for her close up!!  You can find her under our "Furniture" rentals.

Mismatched Crystal Goblets

by Jana on 11/24/16

We have added mismatched crystal goblets in various colors.  We have a total of 300 available to rent, with additional quantities being added regularly.  Cost to rent is $1.00 each.  You can see the goblets under our "Glassware" tab.

New Architectural Item

by Jana on 10/23/16

Please see our new brown two door entryway, that is complete with crystal knobs.  You can see a photo of our new entryway in our "Architectural" inventory.  It is a beauty!!

New Rental Items

by Jana on 08/29/16

New rental items have been uploaded, check our inventory for the gorgeous blush pink settee, a burgundy settee, a dough bowl, a new dual wash tub, table and a few other items. 

New Inventory Items

by Jana on 08/21/16

We have added a couple of selection of rugs to our inventory that is now available for rental, as well as a new trail mix bar package.

Wicker Peacock Chairs New to Rental Inventory

by Jana on 08/05/16

New to rental inventory is two wicker peacock chairs.  Gorgeous to be used for a bride and groom table, boho chic wedding or maternity photo shoots. 


Gorgeous Architectural Store Counter

by Jana on 07/25/16

Just added a gorgeous antique store counter that has been converted into a bar.  We have dubbed this beauty, "Grainstore" bar.  It has two shelves that were already on the back portion of the counter, we just added some height and rolling wheels, to make the bar easy to maneuver.  Just a little stain and sanding is all this rustic beauty needed.  The "Grainstore" bar would be perfect to serve drinks, display your wedding cake or place all your sweet treats, cost to rent is $100.00.
We also added custom made plant hangers.  These were specifically designed to hang ferns.  We have a total of six of these hangers available in three different sizes ranging from 66" to 92" tall, with the round opening 30" wide.  Cost to rent is $8.00 for small and up to $12.00 for the large hanger.  Photo below, shows an example of ferns hanging from the hooks.